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how to turn a conference into a cd-rom...
We have developed our exclusive delivery platform called the ‘Sounds Good Presenter’, a cost-effective modular system into which we can program your audio, video, graphics and powerpoint content. Having created an attractive multimedia presentation on CD-ROM, we can then manufacture as many copies as you need - enabling you to distribute a wide range of information to a wide audience - anyone with a computer!

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The Presenter technology is not just about conferences - it’s equally applicable to Launch Events, Sales Presentations, Training and Staff Communications or anything that includes any combination of audio, video, graphics and powerpoint content. But, using a conference as an example, let’s suppose that you have audio and video recordings of your speakers (we can handle the recording for you or the venue may have technicians who can do this), plus copies of the speakers’ powerpoint presentations. Sounds Good will:

Plan and structure your CD presentation
Attend to the editing, mastering and authoring of all elements
Program the audio, video, graphics and powerpoint elements within the Presenter platform to produce the master CD-ROM
Produce artwork and all the packaging for the discs
Manufacture as many copies as you require
deliver your message on cd...

Here are some of the benefits of the Presenter technology:

Presentation runs directly from the CD - no installation required
Discs are Mac and PC compatible - and will even run on older machines
Higher resolution than video or DVD - much sharper for text and charts
Can contain up to 14 hours of content on a single CD-ROM
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