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Sounds Good can provide you with a vast range of packaging options for your CD, DVD or Cassette. For larger runs (e.g. 1,000 or more) we will produce litho printed booklets, inlays, wraps, etc. For those smaller quantities, or for urgently needed jobs, we can print via our Digital Media Print service, a print-on-demand facility that uses industrial-grade laser technology to give results that are virtually indistinguishable from litho print. We also have a range of packaging accessories, such as CD/DVD fixings, specialised cases for archiving or mailing, and multi-packs for multi-CD, DVD or Cassette programmes. Donít forget, also, that Sounds Good has its own graphics department to handle all the design and reprographic aspects of packaging.

Litho print is the conventional way of printing large quantities of booklets, inlays and wraps, etc. For litho printing, Sounds Good outsources via specialist printers who deal with audio, data & video related products. This enables us to pass on highly competitive rates to our customers, and also ensures that we get a quality result that is compatible with the automated packing machinery used in the manufacture of CDs, DVDs and Cassettes. Click on the links below to find out about the standard packaging styles that are available for CDs, DVDs and Audio & Video Cassettes.
CD Packaging
DVD Packaging
Audio/Video cassette Packaging

Sounds Good has invested in the latest Xerox colour laser production technology that prints at high speed on large sheets using a high-resolution CMYK toner process that gives print quality that is virtually indistinguishable from conventional litho print. We also have the cutting, folding, creasing and perforating gear to take the printed sheets and turn them into finished booklets, inlays, wraps, brochures, posters, etc. We operate two distinct digital print services for different types of work, although you may find your requirements overlap. Take a look...

Digital Media Print is a service that was conceived as a way of providing cost-effective short runs of print for CD, DVD or cassette packaging to go with the short-run Duplication services that we offer. In practice, we have found that it is equally applicable to large runs of packaging that are needed urgently. Some of our customers just canít wait, and we regularly produce runs of thousands of CD Booklets or Cassette Inlays within a day or two, rather than the week it may take to turn around a litho print job.

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Looks Good Digital Print is a new print-on-demand service aimed at providing general business print to all types of business customer. Weíre talking brochures, posters, flyers, compliments slips, business cards - the sort of things every business needs, irrespective of whether they are interested in CDs, DVDs and Cassettes. Give us an artwork file and weíll give you the print - quickly!

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How can I stick a CD onto this Media Pack Iím sending out? What sort of cases are available for archiving discs with maximum protection in minimum space? Is there a robust, but lightweight case suitable for mailing a DVD disc? To answer these types of question we have developed a range of custom and off-the-shelf solutions. Click the link below to see...

Packaging Accessories

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