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We invite you to phone us on +44 (0) 118 930 1700 for a quotation, or register on our CONTACT page as a Sounds Good guest for privileged access to special pricing information and details of any current offers.

At Sounds Good we recognise that our clients have their own unique requirements. There are so many permutations of product and packaging that to cover everything we would have to present you with pages of complex price tables to wade through. In our experience a one-to-one phone discussion is the best way to go. Call us, describe your project, and our sales staff will identify your needs, suggest solutions and arrive at a set of prices tailored specifically to your requirements.

Sounds Good is committed to competitive pricing. We’re not the cheapest around, but we believe we offer a unique combination of experience and expertise in a wide range of services, all designed to add value to your project and smooth the path to its production.

Studio rates for “Authoring & Encoding”, “Design & Film Output” and “CD Mastering” can be found by clicking “The Knowledge” icon which appears on each of these pages.

Any prices given on this site do not include VAT or delivery and are subject to change without notice. All goods and services are subject to Sounds Good Ltd terms and conditions of sale, available by request from our office or by clicking here