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'Computer To Plate’ litho print - What does it all mean?

The technology behind the printing of CD and DVD packaging moves on. The latest buzzword is CTP - Computer To Plate. This is a process whereby the plates used for litho printing are made directly from computer file, bypassing the traditional colour-separated film process.

‘What does this mean to me?’ you may ask. No change - you can supply us with artwork for your CD booklets & backliners, DVD wraps, etc., in the same way as before. The difference is that instead of us running the artwork out to colour-separated film, we now take your artwork and make it into digital files in a very specific press-ready format.

To create these files correctly requires a high level of reprographic expertise and knowledge of the print process. But, just as previously we could accept colour-separated films from our clients as long as they conformed to our specs, so we can now accept press-ready files from our clients - but only if they conform exactly to the required format and specifications.

To ease this process, we have produced our ‘Artwork Specifications and Templates’ disc. Stick it into your computer and you will get an HTML page that runs in your browser and allows you to access templates for a vast array of packaging formats, including all the most common ones. Also included is a PDF file that gives instructions on how to create these press-ready files in a way that conforms to these exacting specifications.

The disc is free - just phone our office on 0118 930 1700 and ask for your copy! Alternatively, click here to go to our template page where you can download what you need.