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New for 2004 - Looks Good is a digital print-on-demand service for general business print such as brochures, flyers, posters, compliments slips, business cards, etc. Unlike litho print, there is no intermediate reprographic film output stage with the associated time and setup costs, so we can offer quick turnaround, great print quality and competitive pricing on short-run colour jobs. Need that big job tomorrow? We can also handle large runs in a fraction of the time it may take for litho printing. Digital print is looking good at Sounds Good.
No more waiting for a quote - Looks Good is geared towards providing easy-to-understand pricing from a menu of standard sheet sizes and paper weights. You can choose between having colour on one side or both sides, or colour on one side with black and white on the other. We have in-house finishing capability and we can provide full bleed (i.e. print that goes right up to the edge of the sheet), and even folded sheets.

Finished Sheet Sizes:

A3 folded to A4
A4 folded to a5
1/3 A4 (Compliment Slip)
A6 (Flyer/Postcard)
85 x 55mm (Business Card)

Paper Weights:

120 gsm

140 gsm

170 gsm

300 gsm

Just give us a press-quality Adobe PDF file and we’ll do the rest. We can also accept files in most other common formats, although they may be subject to extra charges.
All goods and services are subject to Sounds Good Ltd terms and conditions of sale,
available by request from our office or by clicking here