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Video Authoring for DVD and CD

Contact Sounds Good for DVD Authoring and MPEG Video Encoding at out-of-town rates. We are uniquely placed to help with your projects, as we have have highly skilled video engineers and in-house studio facilities for...

  • Capturing and editing footage from most common video formats
  • Top-quality hardware encoding into variable bit-rate MPEG 2 for DVD Video, or high quality MPEG 1 for desktop Video on CD applications.
  • Professional DVD authoring on Adobe and Spruce systems producing masters on DLT or DVD disc.

Plus, we have audio and graphics expertise on hand to prepare audio and design DVD navigation screens or CD-ROM front-end menu systems. And, of course, we can manufacture the discs for you.

DVD Authoring

We can take your video footage from all sorts of formats, edit and encode it, design your navigation screens and menus, and bring the elements together in our professional Adobe and Spruce authoring systems. Our authoring and manufacturing credits include: numerous corporate DVD projects; independent music and niche-market DVDs for sell-through; and loads of multi-DVD 'entrepreneurship' and 'self-improvement' packs. Along the way, our engineers have negotiated their way through the many potential snags and pitfalls of DVD authoring, and can help you get the best out of your footage and bring professional functionality to the end product. If you're planning a DVD project, feel free to phone us for help and advice.

Video on CD

CD video is rapidly replacing VHS as a medium for corporate marketing, internal communications and training applications. We can encode your video footage, design menu systems and author a CD-ROM for convenient viewing on a desktop or portable PC.

Sounds Good Presenter
Distribute a wide range of information to a wide audience with our CD-ROM technology.

DVD Pressing
Find out about our disc replication services for bulk DVD runs of 500 upwards.

DVD Duplication
Find out about our express duplication services for DVD runs of less than 500 or large runs that are urgently required.

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