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Digital Media Print is a print-on-demand service for short runs of CD Booklets & Backliners, Cassette Inlays, DVD Wraps, Posters, Flyers, etc. Print on demand means you only print what you need at the time (unlike Litho colour print which is really only cost-effective on runs of 1,000 upwards). Because it cuts out the intermediate reprographic film output stage and the associated time and setup costs, Digital Media Print is the way to go for economical small runs of high-quality packaging, and also for larger quantities that are needed super-urgently.
Sounds Good has invested in the latest industrial-grade colour laser technology that prints at high speed on large sheets using a high-resolution CMYK toner process that gives results that are virtually indistinguishable from conventional litho print.
As any football manager will tell you, finishing is the key... In printing terms, it’s easy to print a sheet of paper - the problem then is to turn it into something that is actually usable as a CD Booklet, a Cassette Inlay or whatever. Sounds Good has the facility to cut, crease, fold & perforate the printed sheets with professional precision ensuring that the results are equally compatible with both hand-packing of small quantities, and the automated packing of bulk quantities.
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CD Booklet (4-page only) & Backliner
VHS Video Wrap
DVD “Amaray” Wrap
DVD “Amaray” Booklet (4-page only)
Audio Cassette Inlay (optional long/short back, extra flap)
Double Audio Cassette Inlay (optional long/short back, extra flap)