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Your CD, DVD or Cassette wouldn't be complete without some form of packaging, so Sounds Good provides a 3-stage Design, Reprographics and Print service. Start at stage 1 and we will design your artwork from scratch. Or join at stage 2 if you have existing artwork on disc and we will output it to colour-separated film ready for stage 3 - litho printing. Hop on here if you already have colour separations - we will handle the print via our specialist media packaging printers. Alternatively, for short runs of print we can now bypass the film output stage 2 and go straight to print via our digital media print on demand system which gives superb quality booklets, inlays, wraps, posters, flyers etc. Click on "The Knowledge" icon to get advice and detailed information on print dimensions and film specifications.
Itís important for your CD, DVD or cassette package to look good. You want it to stand out, attract attention and reinforce the image youíre putting over. So thatís why we at Sounds Good provide expertise not only in the technical side of manufacturing, but also in the creative design and layout of your packaging.
Click here for studio rates, film specifications, print dimensions, and advice & tips on artwork related issues
Getting your ideas from conception to print can be a nightmare for those unfamiliar with the processes involved. But at Sounds Good you can sit down with our designer while he or she scans your pictures, quickly lays out all your artwork, shows you colour proofs, and runs out film separations ready for printing.
For printing your packaging, we use only printers who specialise in audio, data & video related products. This enables us to pass on highly competitive rates to our customers, and also ensures that we get a quality result that is compatible with the automated packing machinery used in the manufacture of CDs, DVDs and cassettes.
If you already have your artwork designed in a page layout program then we can run it out to colour-separated film on our high-resolution Panther imagesetter and create Press Match proofs direct from the films. We can handle files from all common DTP software packages (such as Corel Draw, Photoshop, Quark Express, etc.) Our studio is equipped with both PC and Mac systems and artwork can be sent in on CD-R, Zip 100/250 disc, or via email.
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