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Why do you need professional CD mastering? Proper audio mastering is vital for your CD - it’s your last chance to get the best out of your material before it gets preserved for ever on that shiny disc! Home and budget studios are great, but dubious monit oring and dodgy acoustics mean that you owe it to your music to hear it in a proper listening environment and correct any problems before pressing. And even material recorded in the greatest studios can benefit from an experienced mastering engineer who can suggest possible improvements. Click "The Knowledge" icon for more information on what Mastering can do for your music.
The amazing TACT room correction system - giving a time-aligned flat frequency response via...
ATC three-way active speakers, widely regarded as one of the most accurate monitoring systems available.
SADiE digital editing with 32-bit internal processing.
TC Finalizer digital dynamics & EQ processor.
Red Book CD-R and Exabyte DDP mastering.
At Sounds Good we know that mastering is not just about equipment - it's the knowledge and expertise of the people using the equipment that is of paramount importance! Our engineers have vast experience of all sorts of music, gained not only from our CD mastering work, but also from our long history of bin-loop mastering for cassette duplication, including many household name chart hits! Because we hear so much music, we know what a good mix sounds like and we are in a unique position to help our customers get the best out of their studio masters.
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