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Sounds Good offers CD Manufacturing of all common CD formats, with a choice of two processes - CD Pressing and CD Duplication. Pressing is the traditional method used for bulk commercial CD runs of 500 upwards where the CD is pressed in an injection moulding process. In conjunction with our pressing service, Sounds Good offers specialist litho print of a wide variety of CD Packaging styles. Duplication is where the information is burnt onto individual blank CD-Rs, and is more suited to smaller run sizes or larger runs that are required urgently. Because CD-R Duplication is not subject to the lead times and setup processes of pressing we provide an express turnaround service, plus digital print-on-demand packaging of exceptional quality.
Standard 120mm CD disc plus...
For quantities of 500 upwards
All common CD formats, including CD Audio, Enhanced CD (audio plus data files), CD-ROM, Video CD, etc.
Free glass-mastering on quantities of 1000 and over
Click here for further information on CD Pressing Up to 4 colour on-disc screenprint as standard
Perfect Picture Disc Print - stunning high-resolution photo-quality CMYK picture disc option
Wide range of packaging styles
Credit-Card CDs also available - 30mb and 100mb capacity options - with 1 to 5 colour label print
30MB credit-card
100MB credit-card
Standard 120mm
CD-R disc plus...
For smaller run quantities - or larger quantities that are needed quickly!
Turnaround typically 2-4 working days (even same-day by prior arrangement)
All common CD formats
Click here for further information on CD Pressing Credit-Card (30MB) and Mini-CD (80mm diameter, 185mb capacity) options also available
Choice of picture-disc quality labelling via high-resolution CMYK laser onto thin gloss laminate - or direct to disc black printing
Short-run Booklets and Backliners available - printed to order via high-resolution colour laser
Full range of case and wallet packages
Quality is assured via automated checking before and during burning - additionally, all data CD copies are verified to the highest level after burning. Any faulty copies are automatically rejected.
80mm mini
30MB credit-card CD-R
All goods and services are subject to Sounds Good Ltd terms and conditions of sale,
available by request from our office or by clicking here