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CD Pressing Overview

CD Pressing Machine

Pressing is the traditional method used for the bulk replication of CD discs in quantities of 1,000 and upwards. Pressing is more cost-effective than duplication for large quantities because the discs are pressed in an injection moulding process rather than individually burnt onto blank CD-Rs. You may have heard pressed CDs referred to as 'glass-mastered'. This is because the discs are moulded from a metal stamper that is created from the glass master - a high-precision photosensitive glass disc laser-etched with the data from your original master.

Click here for CD Duplication if you're looking for super-quick turnaround and/or runs of less than 1,000.

Click here for pricing information.

Features of our CD Pressing service

  • For bulk run quantities of 1,000 upwards
  • Free glass-mastering
  • All common CD formats, including CD Audio, Enhanced CD (audio plus data files), CD-ROM, Video CD, etc.
  • Credit-Card CDs (also called Business-Card CDs) available in 30mb and 100mb capacity options
  • All the standard litho print and plastic case packaging styles are available, plus a wide variety of other multi-packs, mailers, and mounting accessories
  • Choice of on-disc print processes - see below...

On-disc print options

  • Screenprint in up to 4 Pantone spot colours as standard.
  • Screenprint as CMYK picture-disc - also as standard.
  • Offset litho print for even higher quality CMYK picture discs - subject to small upcharge.
  • 'Perfect Picture Disc Print' - our premium process for pressed discs that gives the sharpest photo-quality high resolution pic-disc print ever! Includes a variable data option - the black colour can contain a variable area, suitable for individually named, serially numbered or barcoded discs! 'Perfect Picture Disc Print' is available on both standard CDs and credit-card discs on run quantities as low as 300.

What else can we do for you?

  • Graphic Design - our designers have the talent and technology to help turn your ideas, pictures and text into a colourful and eye-catching package for your CD. Or if you're providing your own artwork, they'll check it out thoroughly and, where necessary, create the pre-press PDF files for print.
  • CD Mastering - our experienced engineers are here with a purpose-designed studio and audio toys to help you get the best out of your music before committing it to CD for ever.
  • Multimedia Programming - we can handle anything from adding an auto-run file to your programme to creating a full multimedia CD-ROM presentation from your audio, video, graphics or Powerpoint content!

Musicians' Deals
Bands, artists, record labels! Click here for Musicians' Deals on CD Manufacturing, Mastering and Graphics.

Enhanced CD
Do you know you can use empty space on your Audio CD by adding data files, such as video clips or a short multimedia programme, that play on a PC or Mac.

Sounds Good Presenter
Deliver your message on CD with our exclusive Multimedia technology.

Artwork Templates
Dowload artwork templates for disc labels and packaging, along with design advice.

Copyright, ISRC Codes, Barcodes, etc.
Click here for useful info on copyright issues, ISRC codes, barcodes, etc.

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