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Sounds Good has its roots in Audio Cassette Duplication and, years later, we are one of the few UK companies still active in this area, offering professional high speed digital bin duplication with a wide choice of packaging options. VHS Video Cassette Duplication has followed as a result of our increasing involvement in video by way of our DVD Manufacturing, Authoring and MPEG Video encoding services. We offer a range of standard VHS Video packaging options and can help with any special custom requirements.
Rumours of the death of the audio cassette have been greatly exaggerated. Although not as visible in mainstream music applications, the cassette is still dominant in the talking book and corporate sectors. With over 15 years in the business, Sounds Good offers you...
Expert digital mastering & professional digital bin duplication ensures optimum sound quality

In-house design, reprographics and print for your packaging - with short-run laser inlay option for small quantities

Choice of multi-cassette & non-standard packaging styles
Fulfilment services for bulk mailings

Likewise, VHS video is still holding its own in the music video and corporate communications & training sectors.

We offer professional duplication of both long and short runs - let us quote you for your VHS video requirement

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