musicians' cd package deals

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Mr Methane Cassette
Marmalade CD

we can duplicate your cassettes in quantities from 100 upwards...

...we can manufacture your cds: short-run duplication from 1 copy & pressing from 500 upwards. Check out our new Musicians' CD package deals!
enhanced cd: we can make audio cds which also include data files like video clips, multimedia presentations or websites...
(go to our “authoring & encoding” page to see how we can help prepare data files for enhanced cd, vhs video, video cd or dvd)
Line of Fire VHS
CD Mastering equipment
...we can manufacture music video on vhs, video cd or dvd
...our cd mastering studio is available to help you get the best out of your music
All goods and services are subject to Sounds Good Ltd terms and conditions of sale,
available by request from our office or by clicking here